Too good to be true

by | Feb 13, 2021 | For Clients

Younger persons entering our “People profession” nowadays may come from a different background from my generation when being a good salesman was almost a prerequisite for employment. Nowadays the profession is far more complex, and the reality is that all staff, not just new recruits need a wide range of skills which sometimes the rigours of trying to run a business, make difficult to provide.

Everyone knows that well trained staff are happier, more efficient, and more productive. They produce more sales and the confidence that training gives, leads to better client relationships, but apart from your own coaching what can you do about it?

This week is National Apprenticeship week which we at Harrison Spence whole heartily support, so I thought I would write a short email and point out a few great opportunities which some of you may not be aware of:

Firstly- Did you know you can use Apprenticeship Levy funding to develop staff (of any age and tenure) and gain CII qualifications – whether or not you pay into the Levy?

Secondly -Funding is available of up to 95-100% of the costs of training and exams from R01 through to Chartered status as part of apprenticeship programmes.

There is also additional ‘COVID-19 Incentive Funding’ for new apprentices before 31st March 2021 of up to £2000.  If you are considering employing a new person or even training up a family member there has never been a better time.

I have a contact at Davies Learning Solutions, Carolyn Blunt, who will be happy to give you more information if required.  Davies Learning Solutions is a specialist training provider of apprenticeships and qualifications to the Financial Services sector. You can reach Carolyn at: Carolyn.blunt@davies or visit

It would be nice but not necessary for you to mention my name or Harrison Spence and I hope some of you will find this information useful.