Testimonials & Case Studies.

We have helped many businesses to achieve a variety of goals.

Some examples are shown below with feedback provided.

Higgs Boson Financial Services

Consultancy to assist with business growth and sale

I liked Alan immediately. He has an authenticity and directness I find refreshing.

I very quickly came to respect not only his level of experience and knowledge, but the ease with which he applied these to our objectives, our specific business, and the particular people working with us.

Through the process of shaping our business of acquisition, taking us through the legalities of the sale, and out the other side, Alan has engendered such confidence that he remains my ‘go to’ source of advice for any commercial issue.

Dr Matthew Mills

Higgs Boson Consultants

Pocock Rutherford & Co

Acquisition and Business Development

I have been in financial services for the last 35 years and initially I grew my business organically through building client relationships, getting referrals and developing professional connections. I found it hard, and growth was slow, so I started to acquire clients through buying other firms. There is no doubt in my mind that buying IFA businesses and clients seems an easier way to grow than doing it organically.

Harrison Spence have been working with me for the past few years and have been a great help, not only in finding potential businesses to buy, but importantly in assisting me through the whole negotiation process. Their specific experience and knowledge of our industry is invaluable and, I have no doubt, has helped get the deals across the line. They have genuinely ‘seen it all before’ and this does help in structuring the deal.

They also introduced me to a lawyer to ‘do the legals’ and since he had been involved in a fair number of similar acquisitions before, of all shapes and sizes, it meant that he knew his stuff and this helped to keep costs down.

Happy to use them again when the need arises. They actually help to make the buying process enjoyable and I will eventually use them when I come to sell.

David Pocock Managing Director

Evans Hart

Business Acquisition

“We have grown our IFA business from £200m client assets to £500m assets and a significant part of this growth has been through the assistance of Alan Marks and Harrison Spence.

They have introduced us to a number of firms to acquire to build up our business.   In some cases we have also acquired valuable advisers and support staff who are now members of our team.

Alan and his colleagues follow through with service and advice after the transaction and always takes a long-term interest in ensuring that his clients grow and prosper for the benefit of clients and staff.

Alan and his firm provide long-term support for growing businesses, and not just a one-off transaction.”

Stephen Evans – Evans Hart

 Monenti Partners.

MBO- Consultancy work where we continue to help their business

‘During protracted and in the end unsuccessful negotiations to arrange an MBO of an IFA, that myself and my colleague worked for, we reached out to Alan to get his perspective and advice as to how best to achieve our objectives. 

It was clear from our initial conversations with Alan we had come across someone with the breadth of knowledge that we needed, from both inside and outside the financial advice industry, and it was this when added to his patience & interest in helping us achieve our objectives that has led to what we view as the best outcome that could of occurred for our clients and ourselves. 

Alan continues to provide us with his advice as a consultant and always approaches each conversation with a genuine interest in getting the best outcome across the board. 

He has truly put value behind my belief that contacts and connections are such a high priority when embarking on any project, as they can be the difference in their eventual completion and its outcome.’

Alistair Hopton Chartered Financial Planner

MGW Independent Financial  

IFA sale

Following an abortive merger deal with a local IFA and various other protracted and unsuccessful meetings and direct negotiations with potential acquirers we found it extremely difficult to negotiate the sale of our business and to run our business at the same time.

Potential acquirers naturally need extensive information on your business and every acquirer wants different information – in different formats – to suit their own scrutiny processes.

We also discovered, sometimes early in the proceedings, and sometimes at a much later stage, that for one reason or more the acquirers were not right for us or the other way around.

All of this took a considerable amount of time, effort and resources and, in our case, fairly significant costs. Embarking on a “Do-It-Yourself” approach to selling our business seriously detracted from our ability to work on our clients and on our own business. As a result we eventually came to the conclusion that we needed professional help to sell our IFA business.

I had been keeping the regular newsletters sent by Harrison Spence, as they were always pertinent and informative, so I decided to visit Alan Marks at Harrison Spence at their office in London.

We immediately struck up a good rapport and Harrison Spence was able to quickly cut through the scrutiny process and direct me to a buyer who met our required criteria. 

Harrison Spence also managed to secure a price for our business in excess of my expectations and in doing so effectively negated the outlay on their fees.

Brian McKenna (Former MD)

Gale and Phillipson

Consultancy work- where we helped their business grow by acquisition and by providing business advice

We met HSL when we adopted the strategy of growth by acquisition early in 2014. HSL quickly understood our business and endorsed our approach of seeking to buy IFA firms to bolt on to our existing operation. We met some excellent IFA firms through HSL during 2014.

However, HSL were also alert to other strategic options we hadn’t yet considered. They knew of a similar-sized practice based in North Yorkshire, close to our northern base, and suggested we should meet. They had judged that there was an excellent synergy between the firms, and potentially a good cultural match. They had realised that a single larger transaction could give us the uplift in FUM that would take 10 smaller transactions to achieve.

With HSL’s assistance, our merger with EG&P was completed in only 4 months, and we have since then integrated the firms’ teams and processes. We now present a market-leading client services proposition and face the future with confidence. We are very grateful to HSL for seeing the potential of our two firms after a merger we weren’t even considering

David Carr CEO



Alan Hughes

“Working with Alan is always a pleasure. His detailed knowledge of the market and focus on doing a great job for the client leave you in no doubt that clients are in great hands. He also gets to the point and the heart of the matter very quickly and without wasting time”


Steve Rainer – Sacre Associates

“Alan and his team bring many years of experience and a deep understanding of the financial adviser’s world to their consultancy service. We are benefitting greatly from their guidance on a wide range of management issues.”


David Owen

 “ Harrison Spence provide a client-focused, highly professional service which I am pleased to use and recommend”


Tim Lavender

“I used Harrison Spence to find a buyer for my business in 2017. The service from start to finish was first class. They assisted me with the marketing of my firm and put me in touch with several suitable potential buyers, one of which purchased my business at a very good price. Alan Marks provided guidance on all aspects of the sale in a very professional way. I would have no hesitation in recommending Alan and Harrison Spence to anyone looking to buy or sell their business.”


James Connor

“Alan and his team offer an invaluable combination of knowledge, experience and understanding about the M&A landscape for financial advisory businesses but also the grass roots issues, and solutions to those issues, that businesses in our sector face. Businesses like ours are based on trusted, personal relationships, and in Alan I feel I have someone in our corner that I can always turn to for an honest, well-informed opinion, which I do not say lightly and value greatly.”


Dermot O’Connor

“Alan Marks really knows his stuff. He has helped me and my company with several different matters, as a business mentor helping me identify what was important to me in my work/life balance, a consultant to the business helping us to focus on key issues to drive up profitability and efficiency and also a facilitator when we decided to sell our business maximising our value and attraction to buyers. He’s reliable, professional and a real pleasure to work with.”


Steve Missen

“When looking to sell my shareholding, Harrison Spence provided a through and professional service from start to finish. I welcomed their realistic valuation and Alan’s advice and backing during the negotiation process; which at times can be stressful and challenging. Having Alan to speak to at short notice during that period was extremely helpful and enabled things to be finalised to my satisfaction.” 


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