Introducing Dr Matthew Mills

by | Sep 1, 2020 | For Clients

 I am delighted to announce that Dr Matthew Mills is joining our consultancy team here at Harrison Spence.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Matt for over 10 years. We originally met when he approached Harrison Spence to discuss some innovative ideas for developing an IFA business. Subsequently he took that business from £8M to over £120M funds under management, in little over five years, and with just two advisers and one administrator.

Harrison Spence subsequently arranged the sale of the business which, as you might imagine with such unprecedented growth, was not the most challenging process we’ve ever undertaken! During the entire time I found Matt to be intelligent, engaging, but ubiquitously curious and open to new ideas. We got on immediately and have been great friends ever since.

Matt brings real, contemporary experience of our industry and identifies with the challenges faced by advisory businesses. He is an unashamed polemicist, unafraid to challenge even the most firmly ingrained conventions. 

While the success of his business grew from frustration with an industry mired in conservatism and grossly under served by technology, Matt was always willing to take the road less travelled. Applying his scientific training to the problem of running a busy IFA office (he joins us with three degrees and a PhD, by the way), he developed  unique ways of communicating with clients to help them understand the nuances of the investment landscape. 

Matt is joining us an opportune time. Covid-19 has exposed many of the cracks in society, including those underpinning our industry. We all know things are changing, and the pace will now only accelerate. Running a business and dealing with clients will only become more challenging. I know Matt is going to be an asset to Harrison Spence and especially those clients that are able to adopt some of his methods. 

His fields of expertise include:

  • Systems
  • Processes
  • Communication & Marketing.
Over the coming months we will be issuing videos which will provide more information about how Matt can help your business.